For Time:

Partner A: 1,000m Row + 60 Pull-Ups
Partner B: 1,000m Row + 40 Chest-to-Bar
Partner C: 1,000m Row + 20 Bar Muscle-Ups

Time Cap

  • 7 Minutes (per athlete)


  • Score is total time across three team members
  • If an athlete does not finish within the 7 minute time cap, add one second to the 7-minute time cap per rep missed
    (Example: completion of 1,000m row + 56 pull-ups would equal a time of 7:04 for Partner A since the athlete was 4 reps shy of completing)

Workout Standards & Submission

  • Pull-Ups: Full lockout at the bottom and chin over the bar at the top
  • Chest to Bar: Full lockout at the bottom and chest touches the bar
  • Bar Muscle Up: CrossFit Open Standards (source:
    • The athlete must begin with, or pass through, a hang below the bar with arms fully extended and feet off the ground. Kipping the muscle-up is acceptable, but pull-overs, rolls to support and glide kips are not permitted. The heels may not rise above the height of the bar during the kip.
    • At the top, the elbows must be fully locked out while the athlete supports their body above the bar with the shoulders over or in front of the bar. Athletes must pass through some portion of a dip to lockout over the bar. Only the hands, and no other part of the arm, may touch the pull-up bar to assist the athlete in completing the rep.
  • Scores are due no later than 12/17 at 8 PM EST.
  • Video links will be required with score submissions.


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