Perks of being a Volunteer

Play a major role in the success of an exciting event with the best view in the house!

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All Volunteers/Judges will receive (2018):

  • Breakfast and Lunch Each Day
  • AP Games Event Staff Shirt
  • Saturday: Free Drinks at After Party #1 (Asbury Park Yacht Club)
  • Saturday: VIP area at After Party #2 (House of Independence 90’s Night – Jock James)
  • Sunday: Afterparty Access and Drinks

Judges will receive above plus (2018):

  • Lululemon item of choice
  • Complementary Lululemon Yoga Class Sunday morning

Volunteer categories

Event Crew

Movers of Heavy Objects

This event will require frequent changing of heavy weights and may also involve moving large equipment (e.g. Concept2 rowers, Assault Bikes).

Those that volunteer for Event staff can expect a physically intense event day that will include heavy lifting, bending over frequently and possibly brief sprints.

This is an intense, behind-the-scenes role but is critical and valued. You may also be asked to fulfill other similar duties beyond described above.

Media & Athlete

Event Runners

Those who would like to get involved but are looking for a less physically intensive day may find Media & Athlete Relations a better fit. AP Games is looking for individuals who are comfortable directing and/or giving guidance to strangers.

Those in this group may handle:

  • Athlete check-in
  • Corralling athletes prior to, during, or after WODs
  • Greeting spectators
  • Media Staff support

Directors may assign volunteers to specific roles initially but roles may evolve over the course of the event, depending on need.


Standards of the Games

AP Summer Games is looking for experienced CrossFit judges to be a part of the event. Prospective judges should have passed the CrossFit judges course and have no fewer than 2 years of experience in CrossFit.

Our judges are expected to uphold the integrity of the competition and should be confident, consistent and accurate. 

Judges will be asked to adhere to the standards set by the AP Summer Games Event Directors and should be able to record scores (noting times, counting reps or otherwise) on scorecards with the highest degree of accuracy. 

Your primary responsibility will be judging individual events, but you may also be asked to fulfill other duties, including distribution and collection of scorecards.

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