Grant Golin
Director of experience

MC Grandmaster G

Ray Dara
Director of Tech & Scoring

Website Ninja & Data Monkey

Ben Douglass
Director of Creative

Brief Friend to Vanilla Ice

Christian Wagner
Director of Partnerships

The Dealmaker

Kyle Pelech
Tech Boss

The Enforcer

Penny douglass
Creative Assistant

a.k.a. “Penny Dreadful”

Jay Vigilante
Director of Flow

Part-Time Programmer
Full-Time Soul Crusher

Andrew Dennis
Director of Build

Everything is Rigged

Aaron Egerter
Director of the Gates

I’m the Gatekeeper, are you the Keymaster?

Ashley DeBello
Director of Infrastructure

Corporate Ash

Marissa Melillo
Director of Reps

No Reppin’ All Day

Danielle Murphy-Rafanello
Director of Athletes

Cruise Director

on the Gram @Asburyparksummergames